B2C Projects


We founded and operate the wine recommendation platform Navinum incl. the Navinum Wine Scanner App. Navinum is the leading wine markteplace with the largest selection of wines in Germany. Based on users' personal tastes Navinum offers individual wine recommendations and guides users through the confusing world of wines. Our mission: nobody should ever buy a wine that she/he does not like! 

Our consulting services


Business audience marketing

We specialize in B2B performance marketing by targeting relevant audiences with laser-like accuracy.  Companies with B2B products can meet their target group of buying decision makers on a performance basis - high efficiency guaranteed.
Interested in joining us? We're hiring (both senior and junior).

Ecommerce Services

We take out the complexity of product data management from e-commerce companies. However your product data looks like -  we clean it up, structure and enrich it. After the data quality upgrade we tailor feeds for all marketing channels you want to promote your products on.



We support companies in introducing actionable analytics systems for web and mobile. "Actionable" means that you are able to trigger concrete actions based on your analytics data. This could be e-mailings, notifications, product features - you name it. Everything tailored to your users needs.


CRM Consulting

As certified MailChimp expert we offer CRM consulting, marketing automation, email template implementation and implementation by leveraging the MailChimp-  and Mandrill-APIs. Automized newsletters or one-to-one mailings targeting defined user segments - we bring your communication to the next level.



Together with the reputable privacy & IT law consulting company Intersoft Consulting Services  we created a service that increases privacy on tens of thousands of websites: we check the implementation of Google Analytics concerning the compliance of German privacy standards.  Domain owners get a certificate and badge as trust indicator for their website after having passed the review process successfully.

GOOGLE Email URL Builder 

This tool allows you to create an image pixel for Google Analytics that allows you to track your MailChimp email opens in Google Analytics. The best part? You can tie your email opens (and not just the clicks on an email) to all your business goals that you track in Google Analytics.